DevOps as a Service
for Agencies

Optimize the cost, keep operational flexibility, and ensure seamless delivery with a reliable DevOps service provider by your side.

Elevate your infrustructure and
accelerate software delivery
in your agency

But maintaining a dedicated DevOps engineer can be challenging for various reasons, from budget constraints to shifting project priorities.

At RedHyve, we have a pull of DevOps engineers who can help you elevate your infrastructure and delivery processes on the terms that work for you best.

It's essential for your agency to ensure fast and quality delivery of your projects and reliable scalable environment for your clients.

On Demand DevOps

Let our DevOps specialists handle targeted tasks in your organization based on your needs and requirenments.

Part-time DevOps

No need for a full-time hire? Engage our DevOps on a monthly basis for a set number of hours. Get expertise as you need without unnecessary costs.

Full-time DevOps

Integrate our DevOps professionals effortlessly into your team with full dedication to your technology infrastructure .

Industry proven expertise. Our DevOps know their stuff.

Spectrum of services DevOps engineers cover

Our process will look like this:

We handle

Assesment & Design

DevOps engineers can help you evaluate your current technology stack and the benefits of other systems to determine which technologies and tools are right for you. We can identify processes that can be optimized or introduced, and model the infrastructure your business needs.

Migration & Modernization

If you aim to enhance the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and seamlessly transition to a new environment, our specialists are here to assist you. We excel in migrating your current systems, applications, and data to a more effective and budget-friendly platform, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Is your business facing budget concerns due to escalating cloud expenses? Our Cloud Cost Optimization service provides the solution you need to regain control over your cloud spending.

AWS Cloud Setup

We can help you prepare Cloud Environments According to Best Practices on AWS' service. Our certified experts evaluate your existing setup, incorporate industry-standard best practices, and optimize costs.

CI/CD process implementation

We optimize your code deployment pipeline, automating testing, and delivery processes. Our experts guarantee quicker, error-free releases, enhancing software quality and speeding up time-to-market.

Infrustructure maintenance

We manage the technical complexities, ensuring your cloud environment operates smoothly, stays secure, and scales as required. Our certified team oversees updates, backups, and resource management, allowing you to concentrate on innovation and growth.

Security in Cloud

We specialize in fortifying your AWS setup, implementing robust security measures to safeguard your data and applications. Our certified professionals conduct comprehensive assessments, apply industry best practices, and ensure compliance.

Technologies we work with










...and more!

Benefits of DevOps as a service

Reduce cost

💰 Cut expenses. In business, profitability is key. Our DevOps models let you choose what you need, minimizing extra costs and maximizing your bottom line..

Accelerate delivery

🔝 DevOps optimizes code deployment, automates testing, and streamlines delivery processes. Stay ahead with swift, error-free releases.

Mitigate risks

☔ Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are diligently working behind the scenes to ensure everything operates seamlessly and securely..

Rely on expertise 💻

Why to work with RedHyve?


Our DevOps engineers, with industry-recognized certifications, design and implement pipelines, giving you complete control of your infrastructure.


We're dedicated to our clients' projects and take genuine pride in our work. Our focus is on achieving excellence without unnecessary complexity, ensuring our clients receive top-notch solutions that meet their needs effectively and efficiently.


We tailor our solutions precisely to your requirements, ensuring seamless and customized support for your projects.

Domain knowledge.

We possess a profound understanding of the specifics of development processes in agencies and tools that will be benefitial to your business.

Partner with us to become more agile, scalable and efficient

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