Are you experiencing?

of local talent
Lengthy recruitment
Time limitations
with staffing

We might be your solution!

Expand Your Team

Seeking specific skills? We'll add the right experts to your current team.

Assemble a New Team

Initiating a new project? Rely on us to assemble your perfect team based on your requirements.

We will build for you teams of specialists that:

Are remarkable professionals
Strive to excellence
Own their work
Proactive problem solvers

Who can we hire for you

QA engineers
DevOps Engineers
Project Managers
Business Analysts
Product Managers
SEO specialists
Digital Marketing Managers

...and more!

What kind of projects does our hiring expertise cover?

Our Collaborative Approach

Our process will look like this:

We handle



Recruiting talent


Team operations


Administration tasks

Equipment provision

Legal and tax compliance per local laws

Infrastructure setup

Your focus

Onboardingthe team to your project

Day-to-day management of your team

It's easy to get started!

Our process will look like this:

Initial Consultation

👋 We kick off with a conversation to comprehend your unique needs.

Defining Roles

🎯 We specify the characteristics and qualifications for your needed positions.

Talent Acquisition

👌 We initiate the process of sourcing potential candidates tapping into our broad tech talent pool.

Candidate Evaluation

📋 You have the opportunity to review and interview potential candidates.

Team Expansion 🎉

Celebrate the arrival of your new team member
and the growth of your development teams!

If you wonder what makes us different

We are obsessed with making your life easier.

We reduce the complexity of bringing the top talent to your team on the global scale. You do not need to think where to find, how to handle legal etc.

We understand your challenges.

After all, we've been in your position. Striking a balance between growth - managing client expectations for project delivery, team workload, and scaling the team - is a tough act. We're familiar with all the bottlenecks and have the know-how to make things work for you with our IT staffing solutions.

People come first.

While we leverage technology, we prioritize the people behind it above all else. Our teams and our clients matter the most.

Good vibes.

Working with us is not just easy, but enjoyable too. Experience it for yourself.

Let's start a conversation!

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